About Brian McDonnell

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For much of my life, I had no understanding of the creative process, let alone an appreciation for the power of creativity on one’s life.  I was lucky enough to have a creative soul enter my life, who showed me a new way of seeing the world…My life with a camera was born.

I’ve found by embracing creativity, it opened the door to curiosity, and helped to encapsulate my mission…

Inspire Curiosity By Celebrating Creativity, Passion and Wellness.

By setting this intention, the camera gave me access to people who lived their passion.  I hear their stories,  find inspiration in their work and words, and then I share them with the world.

After years in pursuit of becoming an artist, I’ve learned that it’s not an attainable thing, but a way of living.  From the ship welder who perfects their bead to the painter perfecting their stroke, it’s all about how you choose to live your life.